Mark E Reader, DO, FAOCO

"Here to Help You Hear"

My son bounces up and down in front of me, answering, "Yeah, but how did you hear it?"  We both know the answer is cochlear implants.  The true excitement is not that I can hear the parrot, but that I can hear the people in my life.

How can I describe the difference between discouragement regarding communication when I was deaf, and the eagerness and joy in communication with my cochlear implants?

Not that my family ever gave up when I was deaf.  I still have a handwritten flip chart that my son masterminded.  Now, I can hear the love.

The difference is equally incredible at work.  While teaching, I often call on students to respond to questions.  Hearing the response is a thrilling sensation.  Hearing is so much easier than speech reading.

Cochlear implants are literally awesome.

Not any qualified surgeon will do, at least for me.  I'm picky that way.  I do not always pay medical professionals a repeat visit.  It depends on their attitude.   From my first appointment with Dr. Reader, I had full confidence in him as my surgeon for cochlear implants in both ears.   Thant Dr. Reader works out of Sierra View District Hospital is an added bonus.  What a first rate place!  The surgery and recovery both went very well.  Not only can I hear now, I also have pleasant memories of the experience.

I continue to ask with delight, "Awww, did you hear that!"

We opened our cochlear implant program in Porterville in 2005 and have several success stories. The following is an excerpt from one of our patients from Fresno.

Cochlear implants are indicated for patients who have a severe hearing loss in both ears that can no longer be effectively helped by hearing aids.

Bone anchored implants are indicated for patients with deafness in one ear or who have a normally functioning inner ear but abnormal ear canal or middle ear.

Both implants require a surgical procedure.

For more information on both of these implants visit:

Cochlear & Bone Anchored Implants

BAHA & Ponto Implant

These implants are designed for people with unilateral hearing loss as compared to cochlear implants which help people with severe hearing loss in both ears.

BAHA Implant

Cochlear Implant              &