Mark E Reader, DO, FAOCO

"Here to Help You Hear"

I have been fighting an ear infection and loss of hearing for a number of years.  My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Reader in 2012.  Dr. Reader performed a cochlear implant on my left ear and it opened a new world for me.  Later Dr. Reader did surgery on my right ear that many Dr.'s had tried treating over several years without success.  Dr. Reader did surgery and the infection has not returned.  I think that Dr. Reader should be named Dr. of the year.

Richard P.

Patient Testimonials

For years I have been plagued with the inability to breathe through my nose when I slept.  This was thought to be due to bad allergies, so I began taking allergy medications.  I was later diagnosed with sleep apnea and started using a CPAP machine but was unable to tolerate it it after several hours of use.  I finally sought the help of an ENT specialist.  My Dr. recommended Dr. Reader who found the problem on my first visit.  He told me one of my nasal passages was obstructed and recommended out patient surgery.  After surgery I had very little discomfort and no black eyes or excessive swelling.  It has been seven weeks since my surgery and I CAN BREATHE.  I still have to use my CPAP machine but now I can sleep through the night. It has changed my life.

Thank you Dr. Reader, you're a life saver.

David J.